Guide to growing chorus trees in Minecraft

Chorus trees will be found as players explore the End Islands of Minecraft. These mysterious, purple-colored plants are found in the End realm. Although they can only be found on End islands, players have the ability to grow them and extract items from them.

Chorus trees are the only form of vegetation in the region. They have no leaves and only branches. They can grow two kinds of items on them: chorus flowers and chorus plant blocks. Players can break the chorus tree and it will fall apart, dropping chorus fruit. This food can be eaten to teleport a player to another block.

This tree is rare and can only be found at the End. Players can harvest the chorus fruits and flowers by taking the correct items if they have the right items.

How to grow chorus trees in Minecraft

Things to Have

Once the End realm has been discovered by the players, they will need to search for flowers that are growing on it. These small, purplish-white blocks can be identified. These are needed by players to grow chorus trees. Players can also mine them using a pickaxe.

Players will then need End stone blocks. The tree can only grow on familiar blocks because it is only allowed to grow in the End realm. End stone blocks are required to grow the tree.

How do you grow them?

This is the easy part. Once the players have the end stone and the flower, they can simply place the block on top and then the flower on the top. The tree will begin to grow from the flower after a while.

It takes very little time for the tree to grow, and it can reach 22 blocks in height. To harvest the flowers, players must first break the stems of the tree. If they wish to harvest the fruit, however, they can simply break the entire tree and it will drop them.

What is the purpose of chorus trees?

These flowers and fruits are used in Minecraft for a few reasons. The fruits can be used to teleport players and as food items. Purpur blocks can be made from chorus fruit. The flowers can also be used to grow trees, and they can also be used in decorative items.