How to use Split-Screen in Minecraft

17 December, 2022

How to use Split-Screen in Minecraft

Do you still remember the days of playing console games with your friends on split-screen? Minecraft split-screen allows you to relive those times and create new ones. This option is only available for consoles (Nintendo Switch and PlayStation), but it is possible to create new memories using Minecraft split-screen.

Your TV screen or console must support at least 720p resolution. Split-screen is not supported by PlayStation Vita because it uses qHD (1/4th of 1080p). Split-screen is not supported by WiiU, which has a resolution of 480p. You will need to connect qualifying devices to a TV screen with an HDMI or RGB component cable.

Minecraft Splitscreen Requirements

As we have already mentioned, you will need a console and a TV with 720p resolution or higher. You will also need to adjust the video resolution of the console to match the TV. This is easy. You can find the display options in your console's settings. PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One and Xbox Series S/X usually set the resolution when using HDMI. However, previous manual adjustments might cause issues that require manual reconfiguration.

Splitting the Minecraft screen can be done online or locally. A local split-screen can hold up to four players. Playing with friends or family can be a lot of fun if you have a large TV screen. Let's begin with tips for local split screen, and then we will discuss the online split screen.

How to Split-Screen Minecraft Locally

Local split-screen is a way to play on one console. It is not to be confused with LAN (local network) play, which involves multiple devices being used. On any given device, up to four people can join the game. Instructions for playing Minecraft in split-screen mode may differ slightly for each console, but the following will cover them all.

Here's how you can set up a Minecraft 'local' split screen:

1. Then connect the console to the TV using an HDMI cable or component cable.

2. If you wish to start from scratch, select Create New or load a previously created world from the game list.
3. Slide Multiplayer Game to the off position in the Multiplayer Settings
4. You can adjust the difficulty and other game options to suit your needs.
5. To launch the game, choose Create or Play
6. To activate the second player, use a different controller. Next, select the appropriate button to add them to Minecraft. The PS4 uses the PS button for activating a user, and the Options button (pressed twice), to add the second Minecraft player.
7. If you have not already, select the account for the other person. XBOX 360/PS3 use the Minecraft Legacy Console Edition. To get into the game, you must first press Start on the second controller. The console will then prompt you to log in.

Split-Screen Minecraft Online

You can play Minecraft with your local friends, as well as online. Online play does not have a split screen. However, two or more local players can share the split-screen with others who are online. Here's how to set up split-screen for online play.

1. Log in to your console using your Xbox Live Gold account or PlayStation Plus account. Local accounts and players on XBOX 360 or XBOX One cannot join the XBOX 360 or XBOX One. PlayStation Plus is not required for the PS3, but it is required for the PS4.
2. Open Minecraft Legacy editions on your console, and select Play Game, then Load, or Create. Select Create New or choose a game from your list to create Bedrock editions.
3. You can adjust your game options to your preference and then launch your game. Before you start the game, make sure Multiplayer Game is enabled in Bedrock.
4. Other "remote players" can select your invitation (required), to join your hosted gaming. Split-screen functionality can only be used with up to four people per console, but they can also play online with other players.

Minecraft is a fun, creative, and interesting game. It's like any other game. It's more fun to play with friends. You can now split your screen to play Minecraft, just like older console games.

PC users may feel excluded, which is understandable. It's unfortunate that a large monitor screen can't be split and used the same way as a console. You can look online for third-party screen-splitting software, but they may not be reliable and are not officially licensed.