Minecraft : An interesting new minigame

24 November, 2022

Minecraft : An interesting new minigame

Reddit's r/Minecraft is the best place for Minecraft players to share their builds or video clips. A user called u/Maxatel recently posted a video to the subreddit showing them in a pit filled with Flying Minecarts. The bees had placed them on it.

Redditors shared their thoughts on this bizarre scenario.

A Minecraft player discovers a new game by placing Minecarts onto bees

Reddit user, u/Maxatel posted the video to the r/Minecraft Subreddit. It begins with them at bottom of strange-looking pit, surrounded by Minecarts that appear to be possessed.

But viewers soon begin to hear the buzzing of bees and it becomes clear that they are suspending the Minecarts that u/Maxatel must cross in order reach a higher door.

Redditors react in kind to the Minecraft video

Many Redditors enjoyed this video and thought it was great.

Although it's not easy to get the bees where you want them to, it's a great time to test how fast players can speedrun this challenge.

Players thought of other mobs to enhance the already impressive mini-game, after having their Minecarts taken by bees.

There were many mobs that could be created, including bats, phantoms and allays, as well as vexes. Players debated whether the vexes would be able to pass through the walls. Players suggested that boats be used instead of Minecarts to reach the platforms.

Some players were shocked by the real Moe

Viewers may notice that Moe's face appears off to one side of the video. The image appears on the screen for approximately 2 seconds starting at the 28- to 30 second mark.

However, it was still felt by many players. Their only comments about the video were this bizarre photo.

This game mode was designed to be more challenging by players.

Some players suggested ways to improve the platforming challenges that were created by u/Maxatel in this mini-game inspired by bees. Many players thought adding arrows would make it more difficult and dangerous to reach the top of the pit.

Reddit allows players to share their thoughts with other players.

Maybe players will see more of this with all the inspiration in the Reddit thread featuring u/Maxatel's bee minigame. These suggestions may be taken by someone else, perhaps even u/Maxatel to make it more challenging.

As more people are inspired to take on the challenge of Minecarts, the future of the mini-game is still to be determined.