Minecraft Servers List

4 November, 2022

Minecraft Servers List

Servers can be used in all products to enhance the features and specifications. Minecraft Hunger Games servers are not inferior to any other. However, some issues make them more valuable and unique.

These servers can be set up to allow for more in-play games. It mainly serves to increase the power and energy of the hunger games.

I love playing battle royale in hunger games servers. It focuses on survival. Players can use a free-for-all PvP map to gather resources and become the last player standing in a match with multiple rounds.

This list contains the best Minecraft hunger game servers. Each server has an active community and unique features. They are also regularly updated and popular in 2021.

It can be difficult to choose the right one, but this article will help you find the best. This is a list of some of the most popular, along with their unique features.

Minecraft Hunger Games Servers

The Hive

IP: hivemc.com

The Hive is a popular Minecraft server network that has a large player base and is ranked high in popularity. Their servers are used by thousands of people every day, which is a sign that they have created an engaging environment for players to enjoy. The Hive's Survival Games mode (also known as Survival games) is the best option for those looking for Hunger Games-type gameplay.

The Hive network is responsible for The Hunger Games' success. The Hive network introduced several unique features, including loot drops and cache cows. They also created a custom hunger system that is different from other servers. Nearly 6 million people have played on the server at some point in their lives.


IP: mineplex.com

Mineplex has a large player base and the hunger games mode makes it easy for players to find matches. This server has a unique feature: players receive kits when they enter a match. These kits can be unlocked by playing other mini-games at Mineplex.

Some players might be drawn to the idea of purchasing kits. This will give them an advantage over other players in-game, and they will also have access to better gear and accessories than those who don't own these items. Although this is attractive for some, it can discourage newer Mineplex users who don't have enough gems to join.

The Archon

IP: org.archonhq.net

You can play Minecraft as you please on the best Minecraft servers. Another popular server is the Archon, which offers a wide range of game modes including survival and Skyblock. The server is very open and friendly. Players can jump right in to PvP mode, which emphasizes the importance of it more than other modes. If you plan to take on other players, texture packs may be helpful.

MC Prison

IP: mc.prisonfun.com

MC Prison isn't one of the many Minecraft servers dedicated to Hunger Games. It still deserves serious attention for its great running games and frequent updates.

There are no consequences for winning or losing at MC Prison. This makes the server perfect for players who are looking for a high-risk, high-reward experience such as hunger games. However, there is no real risk to their lives.

MC prison, a non-dedicated server, has been endorsed many times by players including PewDiePie. This game mode is high-quality and will satisfy players who want to play fun, interactive hunger games that can be played over and over again.


IP: mc.hypixel.net

Hypixel is well-known for its twelve game modes. Each one can be accessed through an intuitive inventory. There's something for everyone here, whether you want to play against other players, mobs, mine Gold and Diamonds, or build structures in Minecraft, there's something. This draws thousands of online visitors every day, who continue to return again and again.


IP: mgu. IP: mgu.

MGU One is the best alternative to server. This will lead to outstanding results. It is a great PvE server. It was designed to address user issues and to expand the multi-model areas. It was found to be fairly straightforward in operation and function. It is the epitome of exceptionality.

It is a great way to relax and have fun for professionals far away. It makes it very competitive with other servers. It has extensive uses in crafting, swimming and fishing, thanks to its improved technologies and features.

It will allow the users to connect with each other and create a new adventure for them. It is the best and most user-friendly equipment for Minecraft's hunger game.

The interface is enhanced by the newness of the system. It might therefore be considered to be very acceptable by children who play the games. This requires them to come up with a new idea every time they encounter something new and exciting.

Join us to enjoy the reliable operation of our hunger games adventure.

MC Central

IP: mc-central.com

This server is highly anticipated by solo players. It supports the function up until a long and reliable limit without hesitation or difficulty. It provides a simple-to-understand interface that is accessible to both local and professional users. This allows for more adventure and enchantment in the gameplay interface. This customizes the analysis to work in a better manner and so far.

It is the most popular server, and it proves to be so. Its popularity has increased to an excessive level.

Its unique features make it stand out.

The Hunger games experience is transformed by the addition of new themes and adventurous views, as well as an entertainment element that will never end. This is the ultimate approach for users.



Ghostcrsft allows multiplayer to function properly and maintains functionality. It attempts to eliminate all lags and faults while ensuring sustainability in working.

There are quick and thorough steps that can be taken to fix any issues in server or game performance.

It is compatible with 1.16.4 servers like 1.16 survival, custom SkyBlock and BedWars. It is loved by the market for its unique and amazing adventures.

You can also follow it by playing various games. These games are not only for hunger, but also many other activities that rely on them to provide the best work activity.

It also includes Mcmmo and PVP. It also provides reliability and affinity for analysis of gameplays. This allows you to make adjustments as needed.


IP: gg.minewind.com

Minewind is one the most renowned and remarkable working servers for Minecraft. It works quickly to resolve the system's non-mentioned problems and lags in a very appropriate and reliable manner.

It is a unique product that you can use in any market or work area. It is extremely useful in Survival mode.

This is the "Anarchy Server" and it expects to last forever with unmatched functionality.

The server improves the then]mes, functions, and all other features of the gameplays. The call of duty type might be considered hunger games. It seems to be more prominent here than it does elsewhere, with distinct and innovative effects.

It may be willing to implement many unusual features, such as cache cows or other custom systems that will improve the game and give it a new spin.


IP: play.extremecraft.net

This server is the most popular on the servers market. It also performs multi-efficient tasks. It can carry all of the old features and all of the new ones at once.

It manages all survival modes with great reliability and keeps the functionality high-profile. It works in survival mode and also works well for all Skyblocks, Hunger Games, and other minigames.

It personalizes users, from fighter to builder. It is believed to be more unconditional with each step.

This server is maintained by various extremists. It continues to be supported by experts and leaderboards. It lasts longer under the primary supervision of experts and comes with a lifetime warranty.

This update adds several new elements to the game's gameplay. These upgrades are essential for an instructive interface.