Minecraft taming guide

Do you want to manage Minecraft's animals? If you have the right knowledge, you can easily tame animals in Minecraft.

Minecraft is a world where animals are an important source for food, materials, as well as company. A farm is an integral part of every homestead. A farm provides materials as well as transportation and protection. Some Minecraft servers even use animals for special occasions such as events and tournaments.

Although the process of taming Minecraft pets can be complicated, it is possible with some knowledge and the right materials. This is how to manage every Minecraft animal.

How to tame a cat 

Minecraft cats spawn close to villages and swamp huts. Give a piece raw cod or salmon to a cat to tame it. The cat will emit heartbeats and stop running away from you. While the cat may make occasional noises and follow you around, they are not able to do much else.

Although cats aren't as useful or as efficient as wolves in many ways, they have an important advantage. Cats are feared by phantoms and creepers. They won't approach a cat unless they are forced to do so by the environment. Remember that creepers fear the cat and not the person who tamed them. If your cat wanders far from you, they can still come close.

How to Tame Horses

Horse ownership is more difficult than other Minecraft animals. You can tame a horse by placing a saddle on it and then riding it repeatedly until it stops bucking. Although this can be tedious, all horses eventually learn to ride. To speed up the process, you can feed it carrots. When hearts are removed from its faces, it is considered to be tamed.

Horses are one of the most useful and tameable pets in Minecraft. A horse can be made into a very efficient mode of transport by being fitted with a saddle. This allows you to travel the world with ease and without having to sprint.

How to Tame a Donkey

The same principles apply to taming a Minecraft donkey as for a horse. You can ride it repeatedly until it stops refusing to stay. It can be made easier by feeding it vegetables.

Although donkeys can be compared to horses in many ways, they are quite different from horses. They can carry speed potions and equip chests to store mobile items. A nice perk is that they can naturally regenerate their health.

How to tame a mule 

Like its parents, Minecraft's mules can be controlled by riding them repeatedly. Mules can be bred, but they are not as similar to donkeys. Minecraft mules are just like real life. You can only make a mule by breeding a donkey with a horse.

How to tame a llama 

The same rules apply to Minecraft llamas as horses. You can ride them, but they will randomly select between zero and 100. Each attempt increases the value by five. The llama will be officially tamed when the meter reaches 100. You can also tame the trader llama in the same manner.

Llamas are decorative, not useful. Although they cannot be ridden like horses but can store storage like donkeys or mules, llamas can still be used for transportation. Llamas can be transported by leads. Llamas have the ability to defend themselves and their owners with spitting. However, it does not cause much harm. Llamas can be decorated with wool which makes them more customizable than other Minecraft farm animals.

How to Tame a Wolf

By feeding Minecraft wolves bones, players can train them to be docile. Every bone has a 33% chance to tame the wolf. However, it is not guaranteed that they will be tamed if there are more than three bones. The wild wolf could theoretically consume hundreds of bones and not be tamed.

The most useful and tameable creature in Minecraft is the wolf. They can attack hostile mobs and bark to notify the player. The Minecraft wolf is essentially the same breed as dogs. They even have collars and nametags. Wool dye can be used to change the color of their collars.

How to tamea parrot 

Parrots can be tamed in the same way as wolves in Minecraft. They will eat seeds of many plants including wheat, pumpkin, and melon. Every parrot has a chance of being tamed by one in three.

Minecraft's parrots are basically decorations. Parrots can be placed on the shoulders of players or hung out in their homes. Parrots can also mimic nearby mobs which can scare the player or warn them about certain dangers. If a parrot makes a creeper hiss, it means there are one nearby.

How to tame a pig

It is not possible to give items to a Minecraft pig, unlike the other animals on the list. There is no way to actually tame pigs. You can only close the pig in a pen with other pigs.

Although you cannot tame a porcine directly, there are some ways you can benefit from them. A pig can be ridden on a saddle, but you will need a carrot to guide them.