Sonic in Minecraft?

Minecraft unveiled a Sonic Adventure 2 DLC Pack last month as part of Sonic the Hedgehog’s 30th anniversary celebrations.

Update: More Sonic x Minecraft content now available. Sonic the Hedgehog took over "The Hive's" Minecraft servers tab. This event is free and runs until July 26th. Explore Greenhill Zone to find rings, do some parkour, and get some "awesome cosmetics."

The original announcement post contains more information about Sonic x Minecraft.

The latest DLC update for Caves & Cliffs Part One continues the previous month's Caves & Cliffs Part One. New mobs were added, including glow fish, goats, axolotl and glow fish. Are you going to be opening Minecraft to experience this Sonic event? Are you familiar with the Sonic x Minecraft DLC? Comment below.